The process of obtaining child support can be long and exhausting, but it is necessary to ensure that your child gets the best future possible, despite the outcome of your relationship. In Arizona, the law puts a strong emphasis on the importance of proper child support and with the help of a child support paralegal, you can obtain one for your child or modify it at some point.

Here’s everything you need to know about modifying a child support order in the state of Arizona:

The right time to modify child support

Arizona law states that you can apply for the modification of a child support order when the support amount is 15% higher or lower than the current child support order. This law applies whether or not there are changes to the parent’s circumstances.

So for instance, your ex-husband has been paying $1,000 in child support per month based on him making $7,000 per month. But five years later, he’s still paying for the same amount when he’s already earning $20,000 per month.

To remedy this, you can file for a modification of child support as soon as possible so you can start receiving the right amount. The trick here is to act quickly because the law in Arizona strictly prohibits retroactively modifying child support except for some very few circumstances.

Remember that if you are at the receiving end of child support, you’ll only start receiving the modified amount from the date you file. On the other hand, if you’re the one paying for child support and you cannot afford it due to a change in circumstances you need to file right away to avoid arrears build-up, which could put you in more financial trouble.

The rules and process

The good thing about filing for a modification of child support these days is that you can already ask for the help of a child support paralegal to make things a lot easier. This professional will assist you in procuring the right forms, filling them up, and serving them to the right office.

A child support paralegal can also help you figure out what to prepare to prove your change of circumstance and what to bring during your Child Support Conference of Hearing.

As a general rule, you will need to fill out an Affidavit of Financial Information and support it with proper financial documents including pay stubs, W2s, and tax returns if you are paying for child support.

You also need to provide proof of a change in circumstance if you are the one filing for modification for your child.

At the end of the day, whether or not you will be granted a modification of child support will depend on how you prove the change of circumstances. It also helps a lot to hire a child support paralegal who can help you prepare all the necessary documents for filing and give you valuable tips for your hearing.

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