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Trial Preparation

Not many cases ever go to trial, but if your case will be determined in court, strong documents and following the rules are critical to increase your opportunity to win your case. It’s important to meet all pretrial deadlines and comply with all requirements for legal document preparation. Any failure in trial preparation could mean losing the entire case.

Do you need help getting ready for an upcoming family court hearing or perhaps a criminal or civil court case? Although we can’t give legal advice or represent you in the courtroom, the experts at AZ Diamond Docs can help by providing Arizona’s best exhibit prep and trial preparation service.

Preparing for trial in AZ

In a criminal case, excellent trial preparation could mean the difference between freedom and life imprisonment. Likewise, in a civil matter with a large amount of money at stake, expert help preparing for trial could mean the difference between a comfortable future and a lifetime of financial hardship.

Most importantly, expert trial preparation in family court can mean the difference between keeping and losing children.

When it comes to legal proceedings in Arizona, courts here are reluctant to give second chances. Unfortunately, most appeals are denied simply because the party was unprepared for trial and therefore failed to preserve their grounds for future appellate remedies.

What’s the solution for any difficult court case? Deep, thorough preparation is always the key to courtroom success.

Trials and evidentiary hearings

In family law matters, a trial and evidentiary hearing might have similar outcomes. The court can make decisions at a hearing that have the same effect as a trial would.

Commonly required documents for family law cases include:

  • Pretrial statement
  • Statements
  • Disclosures (Rule 49)
  • Exhibits (Documents, charts and graphics, audio and video recordings)
While it is often recommended to say as little as possible in certain adversarial legal proceedings, to proceed forward in other legal cases, you will be required to make pretrial statements.

If so, you may be wondering how to choose the best words to present your case, while still protecting yourself. A do-it-yourself approach is not the best choice when personal freedom and financial security are at stake.

Instead, get help from an expert AZ legal document and trial preparation service. Working with a good wordsmith, you can make a simple yet strong statement for your case.


A legal disclosure means giving the other parties access to information that you have about your case, so they can fairly prepare for trial. Courts want to make sure that every party to legal action will be fairly informed about the facts, witnesses, and documents in a case.

That’s why disclosures are such an important part of trial preparation. Whether your case is in criminal court, civil court, or family court, disclosures of information must be managed carefully.

Exhibit preparation

It is absolutely critical to make sure that all trial paperwork is written correctly the first time. Depending on the individual case, the only way to successfully convince triers-of-fact (judges and juries) is with facts in the form of legal documents, charts, graphics, as well as audio and video if necessary. Well-prepared exhibits can explain the case from your perspective, yet in an expert way so judges and juries will clearly see your proof.

AZ trial preparation services

If you or a loved one is faced with going to trial here in Arizona, AZ Diamond Docs can help. We offer comprehensive trial preparation including exhibits, pretrial statements, disclosures, discovery requests, and other legal document preparation services.

To learn more, contact us now.


Our Arizona Certified Legal Document Preparers have the experience your family needs.

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Tucson, AZ

Thank you very much! I appreciate it and everything you’re doing for us. Last night was the first time I slept good in a week after meeting with you, you definitely lifted a lot off my chest. Again, thank you!

Tucson, AZ

Thank you very much! I appreciate it and everything you’re doing for us. Last night was the first time I slept good in a week after meeting with you, you definitely lifted a lot off my chest. Again, thank you!


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