Legal documents are documents that state/affirm/declare a contractual relationship or grants some right. A legal document is an agreement in writing that can be used as proof that you have an arrangement just in case something goes wrong like a will or trust.

Why do you need one?

Legal documents can protect you and your interests. An agreement between two parties put into writing can be used as proof if the other party breaks the agreement. A legal document, depending on your concern also states what will exactly happen after the other party fails to fulfill what you have agreed with.

There are different types of legal documents in different situations. You may need one if you have legal reasons or just simply a preparation like wills or deeds of trust.

Basic types of legal documents:

  • Deed of trust – this legal instrument states the agreement between the lender and the borrower to give the property to a trustee.
  • Will – a special legal instrument that states what will happen to one’s properties, estates, or belongings after one’s death. A will might also include how you would like your family to be cared for when you die.
  • Contracts – these legal documents are written agreements that set out the exact details of what both parties have agreed with. A contract states what are the responsibilities and rights of both parties. Tenancy agreement and job offer are examples of a contract.
  • Pleadings – are formal statements used in courts to explain a person’s case.
  • Consent agreement – a written agreement between two parties dissolving a civil partnership.

These legal instruments are categorized such as family and personal, business, and real estate.

Popular types of legal instruments for each category:

Family and personal: living will, last will, divorce settlement, and childcare authorization

Business: business contract, non-disclosure agreement, independent contractor agreement

Real estate: eviction notice, lease agreement, intent to purchase real estate

How to get these legal instruments?

Lawyers can create legal documents and forms fitting to your situation or legal reasons. You can visit your lawyer to discuss your needs. But some of these documents are drafted from templates that are available online or from law firms’ websites.

However, it is still best to talk to a lawyer especially if there are forms that need to be filled out by someone who’s got the knowledge and experience about legal matters. Or let’s just say if you are confused about what to do as some legal instruments need to be signed in a specific way.

If your need is only for personal or business needs, or simply wanted to have legal documents handy, you can download the available templates from various legal websites and reputable law firms.

Or you might want to consider hiring the services of a legal document preparer to do the work for you. With this you are confident your legal documents are prepared and completed properly.

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