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Arizona’s best legal document preparation service

AZ Diamond Docs is certified by the State of Arizona in recognition of the firm’s extensive legal knowledge, experience, and professional credibility and its ability to help people complete and file documents to comply with court requirements. We’re proud of our role in giving clients affordable solutions for their legal documentation needs.

As a certified legal document preparer (CLDP), we help people resolve legal issues, achieve goals, and protect themselves and their families. We can help guide you through complex legal processes.

Got a question about AZ legal documents? Just contact AZ Diamond Docs.

Differences between Certified Legal Document Preparers (CLDPs) and paralegals

A paralegal is responsible for preparing legal documents while acting under the supervision of a licensed attorney. Certified Legal Document Preparers are not lawyers and are not supervised by attorneys.

CLDPs are authorized by Arizona Supreme Court’s Board of Legal Document Preparers as qualified to help people prepare and file documents, without the expense of hiring attorneys. Our role is to help people achieve goals and legally protect themselves and their families at an affordable price.

We’re often asked if an attorney is necessary to file legal documents in Arizona. There’s a misconception that people need lawyers for legal actions. Most people can file an affidavit, guardianship petition, beneficiary deed, name change or all sorts of documents here in Arizona without hiring expensive lawyers.

Your need for an attorney depends on your unique circumstances. Most legal matters can be completed without lawyers, as long as there is no dispute among the parties. Many times people just need to know their options and need help with the paperwork. That’s what we do best of all.

The difference between a CLDP and an attorney

Lawyers complete law school and pass the bar so that they can give legal advice and represent people in court. However, attorney fees can be expensive and their services are not needed for preparing most legal documents in Arizona.

Although they have an important role, lawyers can ask for thousands of dollars in fees before they’ll begin working on a case. Even if a legal problem could be easily resolved with a simple document, attorneys still cost more.

That’s why it’s best to first check with a well-qualified, certified legal document preparer (CLDP) before going with costlier options. Although a CLDP can’t represent you in court nor sign documents on your behalf, they can help you in many ways.

  • Explain your options in a clear way
  • Draft your legal documents and review them with you
  • Guide you through the process of filing those documents
  • Arrange for legal service (confirmed delivery) of documents to other parties

Many problems can be solved with the right legal documents

For instance, with the correct documents, it is easy to get a divorce by default here in Arizona. An expert document preparer can create the divorce petition and arrange legal service to notify spouses.

After receiving notice, a spouse generally has 20 days to respond if inside Arizona or 30 days if outside the state. If the spouse doesn’t consent, and if they don’t file a response within the allowed time, then the next step is to file your application and affidavit for default. A good document preparer can write those documents for you.

The court then gives the spouse another 10 days to file their response. If the spouse still hasn’t responded within that time period, then you can request a default hearing to be scheduled for a date 60 days after the date of legal service. If the process goes smoothly, the marriage can be dissolved and the divorce finalized during that default hearing.

Try simple solutions first

Using the right documents will save money and give you peace of mind. When you need to prepare and file legal documents of any kind, first check with a CLDP at AZ Diamond Docs to see if you can resolve the matter without using expensive attorneys.

Have a question about documents? We can help, just call us!


Our Arizona Certified Legal Document Preparers have the experience your family needs.

Praise From People

Tucson, AZ

Thank you very much! I appreciate it and everything you’re doing for us. Last night was the first time I slept good in a week after meeting with you, you definitely lifted a lot off my chest. Again, thank you!

Tucson, AZ

Thank you very much! I appreciate it and everything you’re doing for us. Last night was the first time I slept good in a week after meeting with you, you definitely lifted a lot off my chest. Again, thank you!


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